Earning Opportunity

Earning Opportunity

Ka-Boomers Fireworks would like to provide you or your organization an opportunity to capitalize on the booming fireworks market. Many clubs and organizations over the past years have tried to make money for special purposes by selling cookies, pizzas, candy bars, and many items too numerous to mention. The organizations and individuals that we work with have found that selling fireworks for just a few days out of the year bring in far more income than they ever earned with other programs. We can provide you with a similar opportunity.


If you are recognized as a non-profit organization, then you may be eligible to earn large income by selling fireworks for only a few days each year around the 4th of July. If you can provide the help to operate a firework stand under our instructions, we will provide you the tools needed to make this your best fundraising experience ever, and have lots of fun at the same time.

Individual or family:

If you have the opportunity to take a few days to work a firework stand each summer, you and your family would have the chance to capitalize on the high demand for fireworks. If you are an entrepreneur with the intent and desire to manage your own small business, Ka-Boomers Fireworks can help you achieve your goals. All of our managers must be at least 18 years old and pass a criminal and credit history background check.

Ka-Boomers Fireworks will provide the following to help make your selling experience an exciting one:

  • High quality fireworks.
  • Tent or stand to sell out of.
  • Shopping baskets for customers.
  • Tables, lighting, and electrical needs.
  • All city, county, and state permits.
  • Advertising, discount coupons, signage, price cards, and more.
  • Professional staff to answer any questions you may have.
  • Manager training program.

All fireworks are delivered a few days before the selling period begins, so you have plenty of time to get set up. All non-sold fireworks are returned to Ka-Boomers for full credit. The first step is up to you, call or e-mail us today so we may send you a packet of information explaining more about Ka-Boomers Fireworks.

More information:

Ka-Boomer’s Fireworks features over 150 retail locations. If you are interested in operating a fireworks stand for us in the future, we would like to give you some additional information. These locations range from trailers, tents, and buildings. The majority of our locations tend to be tents and trailers since they are primarily temporary seasonal locations.

With over 250 firework items for customers to choose from, we provide all retail selling aids to our managers. All fireworks are displayed in baskets that have an easy to read description of what all fireworks do posted on each basket.

All of our sales people are trained to help customers with their purchase. They can help recommend their favorite items and explain the differences between a variety of fireworks. Customers tend to pack our locations on the final shopping days.

Our warehouse staff is trained to take proper care in handling fireworks. The majority of our fireworks are imported by containers from China. Special warehousing is planned to keep fireworks off the ground on pallets and shrink wrapped to protect the fireworks so that they will perform their best. Our managers receive everything needed to operate a firework stand from us. Special signage is constructed and painted to attract your our customers.

All of our locations have fireworks delivered by our fleet. Everything will arrive packed in a semi-trailer.

If you are interested in operating a fireworks stand in the future, please contact us so we can send you a packet of information.